It’s Not As Easy As You Think

I want to point this out to people who really don’t seem to understand; AN ART/DESIGN DEGREE IS NOT EASY. 

One thing that I heard very often while being at University, was that my course was easy. But, just because most of it involves drawing/painting etc, that doesn’t make it a walk in the park. Continue reading “It’s Not As Easy As You Think”


Art is NOT free

Something about being an artist/designer/illustrator that really irritates me is how people expect you to draw/design for them, for free. I’m trying to make a living, how do you expect me to do so when you aren’t willing to pay? Continue reading “Art is NOT free”

Digital Art – What’s The Point?

Finally, I’m going to explain my views on ‘digital art’. I just don’t see the point. I mean, fair enough it takes time to learn, but that is exactly MY point… you can LEARN the techniques, and how to do it. Anyone can create digital art, using photoshop, illustrator, etc, if they just learn how to. Continue reading “Digital Art – What’s The Point?”