Artist of the Week 9


This post is EXTREMELY late, so I apologise, but this weeks ‘Artist of the Week‘ is once again, an artist I found through Instagram. His work varies, and he has a few different styles, including; scratchings, pen drawings, and pencil sketches. Continue reading “Artist of the Week 9”


Artist of the Week 8

This should have been posted a few days ago, but I chose not to post it when originally scheduled. Taking recent events (the Manchester attack) into consideration, out of respect I postponed my post, I felt that the last thing people wanted or needed was me shoving my blog in their faces at that time.

But moving on….


This weeks ‘Artist of the Week’ is another artist I recently found through Instagram. (Note: a lot of my upcoming chosen artists will be from Instagram). Continue reading “Artist of the Week 8”

Artist of the Week 7


In the past week, I’ve discovered quite a few new artists/designers, Timur Khabirov being one of them. I found his work through the “people to follow” section on my art Instagram (@dannijordanart), and really liked the style of his work.

Continue reading “Artist of the Week 7”

Artist of the Week 5

Sorry this post is a little late, but the past week has been pretty busy, with visiting my parents, my baby shower, etc.


This week’s ‘Artist of the Week‘ is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists; Maurits Cornelis Escher (known as M. C. Escher). I first came across the Dutch artist’s work while in school, and was immediately fascinated by his work. Continue reading “Artist of the Week 5”

Artist of the Week 1

I have decided to include a weekly feature for my blog, in which I choose an artist, whether it be a newly discovered artist, a famous artist, or just someone who’s work I admire. These won’t be long posts, mainly just a brief description, and my opinion on their work. I will also include a website (where possible) for people who are more interested in that week’s chosen artist. Continue reading “Artist of the Week 1”