David Bowie // Aladdin Sane

This is my first post on my blog of my own work. I will be posting more of my projects/individual pieces from now on, as well as continuing with the type of posts I am already sharing.

This is the development of my David Bowie // Aladdin Sane portrait:

STAGE 1 – The initial portrait was created using biro pen, and a small amount of coloured pencil.

Here are some images taken during the drawing process;

And the final outcome;



STAGE 2 – I recently decided that I wanted to experiment with colour on this drawing, so made photocopies. The first experiment is using watercolour paint.

Here is an image of the outcome;


STAGE 3 – My second experiment is created with felt tip pens;


STAGE 4 –  Finally, the third experiment is using coloured pencil;



Personally, my favourite of the three outcomes is the experiment with felt tip pen. However, I do think that the skin tone of my watercolour experiment is the best of the three, so from here, I may create one more version. This will be using watercolour for the skin tone, but felt tip for the rest of the colour, and still including the felt tip line shading over the top of the watercolour.



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