It’s Not As Easy As You Think

I want to point this out to people who really don’t seem to understand; AN ART/DESIGN DEGREE IS NOT EASY. 

One thing that I heard very often while being at University, was that my course was easy. But, just because most of it involves drawing/painting etc, that doesn’t make it a walk in the park.

Many people seem to be under the illusion that doing an art/design degree means that you just sit and doodle, and that’s about it, but in reality it is a hell of a lot more. Yes, most of our marks come from portfolio work, but the pain staking hours, and stress that go into creating a portfolio is something I can’t even put into words.

Just like any degree, we will stay up all night, work all through the day, and still feel like we don’t have enough hours. We DO have to write essays, and dissertations. There IS a theory section of our course.

Not only do we have to express feeling, do research, show understanding and opinions through our writing, like any other course does, we also have to show this through our portfolio and art pieces. It’s really not an easy thing to do.

So, next time someone tells you they are doing an art/design degree, DO NOT THINK THAT YOUR DEGREE IS SUPERIOR. Understand that our course IS as difficult as yours, and that we DO have to put in just as much effort and time as you do.


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