Artist of the Week 4


This week’s ‘Artist of the Week‘ is someone who’s work I first stumbled across while scrolling Facebook. Nathan Sawaya is essentially a sculptor, but uses only LEGO to create his work.

Originally a corporate lawyer in New York, he left his law job to focus on his work, and now has global exhibitions under the title ‘The Art of the Brick‘.

All of his sculptures consist of only regular LEGO bricks that you would find in a shop and are available to everyone, he uses no specialist pieces, which makes his work all that more impressive.

Here are some examples of his work;

Everyone loved playing with lego as a child (some of us still do as adults) but this is taking it to a whole new level, and definitely worth checking out!

Websites you can look at more of his work are;

Sawaya currently has a running exhibition of DC Superheroes on London’s Southbank, which you can find out more about, and buy tickets for here;



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