Art is NOT free

Something about being an artist/designer/illustrator that really irritates me is how people expect you to draw/design for them, for free. I’m trying to make a living, how do you expect me to do so when you aren’t willing to pay?

Just because we don’t have an office, or wear a suit to work, that doesn’t mean that what we do isn’t real work. Just because we are friends or family, doesn’t mean you can take advantage of my work.

I’m happy to design for you, that’s fine. But when I say how much it’ll cost, do not then tell me not to worry as though I’m wrong for charging. I still need to earn money, to make a living, and surely people can understand this? Especially people who know you personally?

I want people to take artist/designers/illustrators work more seriously.

I know this is something that all artists/designers/illustrators have to go through, and I’m sure it makes all of you as frustrated as it does me.


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